Finding the best home insurance in Florida can be tricky. There are many options to consider, and choosing an affordable policy that still has adequate coverage for all the risks a homeowner might encounter can be time-consuming and frustrating. There are some risks that can sneak up on homeowners, and surprises that happen after an accident or injury are maddening for people that thought they had enough insurance.

Backyard trampolines are an example of an item that a homeowner might overlook when shopping for the best home insurance in Florida, only to find out that a fun recreational toy carries a big potential liability. In fact, it’s quite a big risk to own a trampoline. They can really cause more harm than good.

Simple Toy, Big Risk

Trampolines can seem like a very simple device to carry such a big risk according to Trampolines are a simple machine, just a fabric mat strung on a metal frame, using coil springs to make them bouncy, and usually the play surface is only a few feet off the ground. This simplicity can mask a big liability. If a member of your family is hurt while using a trampoline, you might be surprised to find out that their injuries aren’t covered in the same way they would be if they fell down a stairs, for instance. And if a neighbor injures themselves on your trampoline, you might be shocked at the amount of liability involved, and how often homeowner’s insurance refuses to pay any claim due to injuries suffered on a trampoline.

Look Out For Small Print

Because of the amount of personal injury claims made, and the size of jury awards for people hurt on trampolines, most Florida insurance companies simply exclude trampolines from every policy. That’s why it’s important to read all the fine print on any insurance policy. Insurers try to keep prices competitive by excluding risks they think are too high for the money they’d have to charge to fully cover them, and trampolines are one of many items they consider uninsurable.

Beware Self-Insuring Your Trampoline

Many homeowners are aware of their insurance company’s exclusion of trampolines, but still decide to allow their children to enjoy them anyway. They figure that if they take responsibility for their own children, any liability they might incur will be limited. That can be a big mistake. A trampoline is what insurers and law enforcement call an attractive nuisance ref: An attractive nuisance means that a homeowner should expect to be held liable for injuries caused by any object on their property that is likely to attract children or other people who are not able to appreciate the risk that the object can pose. Like swimming pools, you’ll be expected to make a trampoline completely off-limits to anyone who could be injured by it, which is difficult to do. This makes best home insurance in Florida tough to find.

Trampoline Injuries Aren’t The Only Risk You’re Taking

People that own a trampoline that’s excluded from their policy might think they’re safe as long as no one is injured while jumping on it. That’s not the full extent of liability that a trampoline owner might encounter. If the trampoline isn’t properly anchored to the ground, a windstorm can send a trampoline airborne, and any damage or injury it causes on your property or on anyone else’s property won’t be covered by your policy. The best homeowners insurance in Florida is out there but its up to you to find it.